ENG1100: Engineering Analysis - Section 3 (TR 12:30-2pm)
This course outline is a list of Reading Assignments, due before class that day, and Topics, to be covered in class that day. Please use the space provided to record your HW assignments and Due Dates. The course outline is subject to change and may be altered anytime during the semester. Unless otherwise notified, the Reading Assignments and Topics are as follows:
Wk Day Reading Topic HW Assignment Due
1  A S(25-39) ENG1100 Introduction,  Isometric & oblique sketching Individual Assignment:
 - Handout: Personal Survey
 - In the Sorby, 3-D Visulization text:
      Section 2.1, pg 9, (1-4)
      Section 3.2, pgs 31-32, (5,6,9)
      Section 3.3, pgs 36-37, (3,4,6) 
Survey: 1B
Sketching: 2A
  Lab Manual pages 5-7
1/15-1/19 B   UNGX: Sketch Based Modeling Individual Assignment:
Make a unique part with UGNX using sketch based techniques
Your part should be moderately complex (like the class examples)
Should have at least one hole and at least one protrusion
Print out part with datum plane and axes hidden.
Hand write name and section number on printout
2 A S(44-54) Object Transformations:  Translation, Dilation, Rotation about one axis Individual Assignment:
In Sorby 3-D Visualization:
Section 4.1, pgs 46 & 47: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8
Section 4.2, pg 49: 2, 3, 4
Section 4.3, pgs 53 & 54: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
1/22-1/26 B   UNGX: Geometric and Dimensional Constraints Individual Assignment:
Create Part #6 on handout (page 85) using units of inches
Make a print-out of your base sketch showing dimensional and geometric constraints (show all constraints)
Make a print-out of your extruded part.
Hide datum plane and datum axes
3  A S(54-64) Object Transformations: Rotation about two axes, Reflection, Symmetry Individual Assignment:
In Sorby 3-D Visualization Text
Section 4.4: 2 ,4, 5, 7, 10
Section 4.5: 2, 3, 6, 7
1/29-2/2 B S(70-82) Orthographic projection Individual Assignment:
In Sorby 3-D Visualization Text:
Section 5.1: 3,4,6,11,12,16

As a Team:
In UGNX create LM page 20, part 4
  UNGX: Drafting Application extra chamfer slides    
4  A S(88-91), S(108-112) UGNX: Drafting Application
Sketching: Orthographic projection of inclined surfaces
Individual Assignment:
1) In Sorby 3-D Visualization Text:
    Section 5.2, pg 92-97 (2,5,8,9,12,15,16g,16h)
2) Create part #7 on handout (page 85) in UGNX:
      - units of mm
      - edge blend
      - chamfer (single offset = 15 mm)
    Create and Print Engineering Drawing of part 7
      - Include top, front, right side, and isometric views
      - Add 2-3 key dimensions in top, front, and right side views
      - Use annotation editor to write your name, sec #, and team # in bottom right corner
2/5-2/9 B Winter Carnival - No Class  
5  A   Single Curved Surfaces Individual Assignment:
  In Sorby 3-D Spatial Visulization Book
  Section 5.4, pages 113-116 (2,4,6, 7hi)
Design Project Deliverable #1 Management Plan/Gantt Chart/Spring Analysis 6A
2/12-2/16 B   Spring Analysis  
6  A E(227-245) Intro to VBA: Writing Custom Functions Individual Assignment: Write VBA Function to calculate volume of a cone 7A
2/19-2/23 B   Exam I - Tuesday, Feb. 20 6-7 pm
No Class 6B
Exam Topics  
7 A   Programming Decisions in VBA Individual Assignment: Write VBA Code to calculate volume in tank 8A
Team Assignment: Design Project Deliverable 2: Pretesting & Deliverable 3: Trial Results 8A & 10A
B   Programming Loops in VBA Team Assignment:
Write a VBA function using a for/next loop that will sum values from 1 to n.
8  A   Writing Spreadsheet Macros in VBA Individual Assignment: Calculate Fibonacci Series 8B
3/5-3/9 B     Individual Assignment: Calucate Fibonacci Series with a Macro 9A
Spring Break, March 12-16
9  A   Physics 101 for Design Project Mathematical Model Team Assignment:
Derive equations needed for the Model (see Handout)
 - On engineering paper
 - Use problem presentation method
 - Draw and label sketches
 - Be prepared to share your derivation with the class
3/19-3/23 B   Math Model Work Day Team Assignment:  Math Model Part 2 10B
10  A   Design Project Work Day    
3/26-3/30 B E(61-75, 495-500) Professionalism and ethics in engineering Individual Assignment:
One page memo
 - List the top three ethical issues that you observed in Video.
 - Explain why you think these issues are important.
 - Use the NSPE Code of Ethics to support your reasons.
 - Include a copy of a Code of Ethics from a professional engineering society as an enclosure to your memo (one page max)
11A Bring to class
11  A E(525-538), B(233-248) Learning from ethics case studies Team Assignment:
Go to the ENG1100 webpage
Click on: Ethics Case Studies
Rank your top 3 choices
4/2-4/6 B   Exam II - Wednesday, April 4, 6-7pm - Fisher 139
Exam 2 Topics  
      Spreadsheet Lab Practical - During Class Sign-up Sheet  
12 A B(13-40, 123-154) Design Project Test Day & Intro to report writing Team Assignment:  Design Project Final Report
See Design Report Requirements
Rough Draft: 13B
Final Draft: 14B
Team Assignment: Ethics Case Analysis 13A
4/9-4/13 B   Class ethics case study - Incident at Morales    
13 A   Report Writing and Work Day    
4/16-4/20 B   Ethics case Study /Report Writing  work day    
14 A   Ethics Presentations    
4/23-4/27 B   Ethics Presentations, Final exam review, ENG1100 wrap up    
Final Exam Wk Office Hours: Sunday April 29 2-4pm, Dillman 202 Final Exam Practice Problem Answers  
  Office Hours Monday 4/30: 10am-2pm Dillman 112C Exam Review Slides: Graphical Communication  
  Office Hours Monday 4/30:  2pm-5pm Dillman 104A Exam Review Slides: VBA  
4/30-5/4 Final Exam - Monday 5/30 7:45pm-9:45pm - Fisher 329 Exam Review Slides: Design Project and Ethics